Lauren Roxo

Lauren entered the executive recruiting business in 2013. She began as an HR and marketing specialist for a small firm, and quickly began taking on acquisition responsibilities within her department. Before long, she was part of a search team representing various clients.

Lauren enjoys the challenge that executive recruiting throws her way on a regular basis. Identifying a candidate who will fit seamlessly into a very specific role within a company is a puzzle, which is made even more challenging under time constraints. Lauren enjoys a variety of social situations and thrives on communicating with different people. Her inherent fearlessness and self confidence combine with her talent for communication, to make the search business the perfect career.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Lauren has lived in various places around the world. She attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Lauren spends her free time with the love of her life, Robert, and their daughters. They have a Sheba Inu (dog) named Kyp, who looks like a fox, plays like a cat and eats only the most expensive shoes in her closet. She enjoys being out by the pool, watches way too many movies, and enjoys reading historical fiction.

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