Targeted Workforce Recruiting

We search on your behalf.

At The Mize Group, we are about solutions. Human solutions, who bring their unique skills, experiences, and personalities to your organization. As recruiting professionals, we make a study of your needs. We apply our findings to our network, and begin each search from a position of strength.

A unique approach to people.

When we set out to fill your void, we make a study of your organization. We get to know your specialties, your competitive advantage, and most imporantly, your people. We are not just searching for the right skillset, but the right personality. Knowing your current team is essential to identifying new players.

We’re committed to your success.

Whether you engage us on contingency or on retainer, we want our work to keep paying dividends, as our well-placed candidates grow with your business. The longevity and growth of your company is essential to the ongoing success of ours. We see our relationship as a true partnership.