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The Mize Group runs on honesty and transparency while working for our client, to fit their specific needs. We expend an enormous amount of effort understanding our client’s objectives, preferences and culture, ensuring the people we present are tailored to suit their exact situation.

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  • "We hired the Mize Group to help build our company from 18 to 70 employees. Hollee and her group did an amazing job in making that happen. I literally can not say enough positive things about the way Hollee managed our process. I feel that she is a part of our team and as our recruiting begins to wind down, I am sure that the team and I will miss her greatly."
    - D. Brett Pennington, President & CEO
  • "I have worked with many, many recruiters in my past. Hollee is hands down the most intuitive, resourceful and committed recruiter I have ever worked with. Her ability to assess culture fit along with skillset to identify great candidates is remarkable."
    - Candace Day-Butler, SPHR Director, Human Resources
  • "Finding a new role can be very stressful - reading roles, determining if you will be a good fit, etc. Working with Hollee alleviated so many of the day to day stressors involved with a job search and she is still always my biggest supporter!!"
    - Stephanie Raia, Candidate
  • "Hollee did an incredible job getting to know our team.  Afterwards, she was able to screen candidates before we met them not only based on skill but also on cultural fit.  Because of this approach, she helped us build out our team quickly and the group quickly started working well together."
    - Stephen Goldfarb, Chief Financial Officer

A Unique Approach

We begin each search or project with an in-depth study of your organization. We get to know your specialties, your competitive advantage, and most importantly, your people. We are not just searching for the right skillset, but the right personality and culture fit. Knowing your current team is essential to identifying new players.

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Committed to Your Success

Whether you engage us on an individual search or a large recruitment project, we want our work to keep paying dividends, as our well-placed candidates grow with your business. The longevity and growth of your company is essential to the ongoing success of ours. We see our relationship as a true partnership.

Our Process

Our objective is to become a trusted recruiting partner to your organization. In order to do that, we need to know you pretty well. We expend an enormous amount of effort understanding your objectives, your preferences, and your culture. While our professional relationship with you may be new, we come to you with decades of experience in your industry. No doubt you have specific requirements, but chances are we have already dealt with the majority of them before. Once we understand your goals, we begin to survey our myriads of contacts, identifying key individuals suited to your situation.