Our Process

How we search on your behalf

The Macro

We expend an enormous amount of effort understanding your objectives, your preferences, and your culture.

While our professional relationship with you may be new, we come to you with decades of experience in your industry. No doubt you have specific requirements, but chances are we have already dealt with the majority of them before. Once we understand your goals, we begin to survey our myriads of contacts, identifying key individuals suited to your situation.

Just as we strive to know you, our client, we also spare no effort in understanding our workforce. People develop new skills. Their availability changes often. Some enter the workforce, and others leave. Innovation and economic forces inspire people to shift their focus and their geography. We keep tabs on what people are doing, and what they might be able to do for you.

We do a deep and thorough study, comparing your requirements with our people. We compile a strong list of candidates, gauge their interest and availability in your position, and narrow our focus on the best matches.

The Micro

While every job has requirements, we are hiring off more than a checklist (if it were that simple, you wouldn’t need us). Knowing your big-picture goals as well as the nuances of your personality are equally critical, because we need to recognize a fit when we see it.

By interviewing our candidates in detail, we are able to decipher how well they meet your needs. We ask specific, leading questions that give insight to everything from their technical expertise and problem solving acumen to their soft skills. Through understanding the people, we come to understand who can do the job.

One of our top responsibilities is accurately depicting your company, the position in question, the company culture and its individual personalities. We strive to make durable, long-lasting connections. Locating the right skillset is critical, but identifying the right personality is absolutely imperative.

A testimonial about our process:

“We hired the Mize Group to help build our company from 18 to 70 employees. Hollee and her group did an amazing job in making that happen. Hollee’s approach, style, relentless pursuit of candidates and understanding of our organization manifested itself in 3 important ways.

  1. Hollee spent the time, up front, to personally get to know both the executive management team and the managers in the organization. She was focused on our culture and the team dynamic that we wanted to create.
  2. Hollee used that detailed knowledge of our team to actually screen candidates based on cultural fit. I have worked with recruiters in the past that played lip service to culture and then sent every person they met to me as a potential recruit. Hollee actually used the information to screen for fit, it was amazing. If we interviewed 4 candidates for a position often it was a difficult decision as 3 of 4 of them would have been able to do the job and be a good fit. It was a very efficient process and we actually ended up having to interview fewer candidates as time went on.
  3. Hollee managed the process from stem to stern and took the pressure off our organization to manage schedules, gathered interviewer feedback, addressed concerns with process on the fly and spent a large amount of time in our office making sure that it went smoothly and effectively.

I literally can not say enough positive things about the way Hollee managed our process. I feel that she is a part of our team and as our recruiting begins to wind down, I am sure that the team and I will miss her greatly.”

– D. Brett Pennington – President and CEO of Ensign Natural Resources

The Match

We will only bring you candidates who have been exhaustively vetted, making the best use of your time. The fewer candidates we need to introduce before you find a match, the more successful our efforts. At The Mize Group, we consider the interview process to be the home stretch. Our efforts leading up to this point are in preparation to make it an instant win.